Homecare and Industrial

Itaconix has established a range of polymer ingredients for application in cleaning and hygiene, energy and industry, surface coatings and agriculture. Current consumer benefits include anti-spotting in auto dish wash detergents (ADW)(e.g. on glassware), and odour removal in homecare. The Company has also been successful in encapsulating sensitive bleach actives used in laundry and ADW detergents, including the technology licensed to leading international chemical group Solvay.



Cleaning & Hygiene

Energy & Industry

Surface Coatings

Agriculture & Food

Detergents & cleaners for hard water conditioning and stain & soil removal

Hard water conditioning in oilfield and mining

Leather retanning

Tank adjuvant for water conditioning in crop protection

Anti-spotting in auto dish detergents

Conditioning in handwash

Odor removal in home care

Odor removal in sewer, waste, oilfield and mining

Odor removal for animal waste

Mineral dispersion in detergents and personal care

Mineral dispersion in oilfield and mining

Mineral dispersion in coatings and paint

Ingredient dispersion in crop protection

Anti-scaling in home care

Anti-scaling in oilfield and water treatment

Anti-scaling in agriculture

Binding in non-wovens

Binding in oilfield

Binding & adhesion in paints, coatings & paper