We design and manufacture polymers to meet customers needs

Our polymers are used in a growing number of consumer and industrial products to reduce cost, improve performance, and reduce impact on the environment. We make polymers for better living.


Specialty Polymers

We are the world leader in bio-based polymers from itaconic acid. Combining the versatile chemistry of itaconic acid with breakthrough economics, we are establishing a pipeline of polymers that compete on unique functionality and cost advantages in home care, industrial markets and personal care.

From Pfizer in the 1960’s to Rohm & Haas in the 1990’s, leading polymer chemists have recognized the potential of polyitaconates with the functionality of its two distinct carboxylic acid groups but have been unable to identify an economic manufacturing process.

The 2004 US Department of Energy Bio-Based Chemical Report highlighted itaconic acid as one of the top 12 value added chemicals from biomass, and identified its polymerization as the key barrier to commercial success.

Itaconix have developed a process with breakthrough economics and low capital investment. Using its ability to produce itaconic acid polymers at competitive costs, Itaconix is developing a growing line of high-value products through the use and modification of the unique acid groups to achieve desired properties that meet specific customer or market needs.



Itaconix also uses its specialty polymers to encapsulate sensitive ingredients that are used in everyday products, examples include bleach actives and fragrances.


Proprietary compositions, processes and applications

Itaconix’s intellectual property broadly covers compositions, processes, and applications with 28 patent families with filings in the US, EU and foreign jurisdictions. Itaconix currently holds 42 granted patents.