Itaconix® DSP 2K™

Itaconix® DSP 2K™ is a water soluble polymer. It is a low molecular weight linear polyitaconic acid partially neutralized with sodium salt.

Product Highlights
• Excellent water conditioner for binding calcium, magnesium and other polycationic ions in consumer, industrial and agricultural applications.

Good hydrolytic & thermal stability
100% bio-based
• Readily biodegradable

Physical and Chemical Properties
• INCI Name – sodium polyitaconate
• CAS# 26099-89-8
• Off-white free flowing granulate or powder
• Not hygroscopic – less than 1.5% weight gain at 75% RH and 35°C over 1 hour
• No odor
• G grade 550 micron avg. particle size
Q grade less than 180 micron max. particle size
pH : 5.2 at 10% in water
Number average molecular weight 2800g/mole
Weight average molecular weight 5600g/mole
Polydispersity 2.0