RevCap™ is the innovative encapsulation platform from Itaconix.

As a technology provider we can encapsulate a wide range of solid and liquid benefit agents.  Using a standard one-step homogenisation process, our technology allows oil soluble liquids and sensitive actives to be encapsulated under mild conditions, with a controllable particle size that is independent of the desired surface charge.  This allows enhanced deposition to a variety of surfaced.


  • Options for liquids and dispersable solid ingredients
  • Suitable for highly reactive, volatile or unstable ingredients
  • Protection of active ingredients in formulations for extended shelf life (e.g. pH ~ 9 to 4 )
  • Enhanced deposition to target substrates from a wide range of formulations
  • Triggered release in response to external or environmental stimuli e.g. pressure
  • Diffusion release for long lasting bene­fits


  • Precise control of particle size
  • Soft or hard shell
  • Shell wall can be tailored to achieve required performance – wall thickness and composition
  • Products can be supplied as stable aqueous encapsulate suspensions or we can supply the technology for manufacture at a facility of your choice
  • Encapsulation is performed under mild conditions and does not involve hazardous chemicals
  • REACH compliant