Itaconix Sustainability

Itaconix has established a range of polymer ingredients for application in cleaning and hygiene, energy and industry, surface coatings and agriculture.


Itaconix polymerizes itaconic acid to make bio-based functional ingredients.

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Strategically Balanced

Itaconix products are ideally positioned to play a significant role in improving performance along with sustainability.

About Itaconix

We are growing a portfolio of functional ingredients that are used in a range of consumer products, including laundry detergents, auto dish wash (ADW) pods, odor management products and hair styling, which offer unique functionality, sustainability and cost advantages to our customers. Our products are designed to match or beat the performance of traditional ingredients. Itaconix also uses its specialty polymers to encapsulate and protect sensitive or unstable active ingredients used in everyday products, such as bleach actives used in laundry and ADW.

As a growing company, we recognize the challenge of effectively accessing these markets in a timely fashion. To address this, Itaconix is actively building collaborative partnerships with leading industry players including Nouryon, Croda and Solvay, with the aim of accelerating market adoption of our products.