Charlean Gmunder  – Independent Non-executive Director

Charlean joined the Board as a Non-Executive Director on April 15, 2022. Charlean has over 20 years’ of successful leadership experience with Fortune 500 corporations and small privately-owned companies within the food industry; 11 years with WM Wrigley Jr. Co, 2 years with United Airlines, and currently as Chief Operating Officer for Blue Apron. As a member of the executive management team for Blue Apron, Charlean is responsible for day-to-day operating activities, developing strategic plan to align with product development, and managing a highly competitive direct to consumer business. Throughout her career, Charlean has extensive management experience running national and global business units in the US and Canada.  She is also currently on the Advisory Board for Jobs for America’s Graduates New Jersey, NJ Chamber of Commerce Foundation. She has a BS in Chemical Engineering  and a MBA from Rutgers University.