Eliminating Odor Causing Compounds – Itaconix Deodorant Solutions

Brand managers and product formulators now have the capability to develop deodorant products that eliminate odor-causing compounds without relying on heavy fragrances. Itaconix ingredients rapidly bind to neutralize odors caused by sulfides, mercaptans, thioethers, amines, ammonia, and foot and body odors, making them undetectable to the human nose. These ingredients provide exceptional performance in both liquid and solid formulations. Additionally, Itaconix technology does not interfere with natural perspiration, cause skin irritation, or leave stains or residues behind.

  • Proven to be effective against odor causing molecules
  • Leaves no stains or residues on skin or fabric
  • Ease of use in finished formulations
  • Will not interfere with natural perspiration
  • Allows for fragrance free claims
  • Allows for all-natural claims in finished products

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