Cookie Policy

Cookie policy introduction

Itaconix Corporation is committed to protecting any data we collect about you online. Our cookie policy tells you how and why we use cookies, and how this allows us to improve your online experience. It also tells you how you can manage what cookies are stored on your device.

We will not share any cookie information we collect with third parties, unless we need to so we can run our business (e.g. where other people process data for us).

On using our website, you will be asked if you would like to opt in to our cookies, in agreement with this cookie policy. Any changes we make to this cookie policy will appear here and will become effective immediately.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files containing information that enables a website to recognize you. They’re downloaded to the device you use when you visit a website and sent back to that website each time you re-visit, or sent to another website that recognizes the same cookie.

Cookies do lots of different and useful jobs, like remembering your preferences and improving your browsing experience. If you’ve provided us with your personal data by completing a contact form for example, we might associate this personal data with cookie information. This allows us to identify and record what’s most relevant to you.

We also track cookies anonymously to fuel our site analytics and learn how to improve your experience and the relevance of our products and services.

The different types of cookies we use all work in the same way, but have slight differences. We use a combination of strictly necessary and third party cookies for analytical and marketing purposes.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Cookies that are strictly necessary for our website to operate fall into the following sub-categories:

Session cookies

Session cookies keep track of your current visit and how you navigate the site. They only last for the duration of your visit and are deleted from your device when you close your Internet browser. They enable tasks like allowing a website to identify that a user of a certain device is navigating from page to page, or supporting basic functionality.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies last after you’ve closed your Internet browser and enable our website to recognize you as a repeat visitor and remember your actions and preferences when you return.

Persistent cookies will be removed on a pre-determined expiry date or when they’re deleted by you. Most Internet browsers allow you to update your user privacy settings to control cookie usage, although this might have a negative impact on the usability of the website you are visiting. For more information on how to control cookies and limit personal data processing, see

Third Party Cookies

The third party cookies we use fall into the following sub-categories:

Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect information about how you use a website, e.g. which pages you go to most often, and if you get error messages from web pages. These cookies don’t collect information that identifies you personally as a visitor, although they might collect the IP address of the device you use to access the site. All information these cookies collect is anonymous. They are used only to improve how a website works, your user experience and to optimize our content. For more information on how to control cookies and limit personal data processing, see

Targeting cookies

Targeting cookies collect information about your browsing habits. They are usually placed by advertising networks such as Google. The cookies remember that you have visited a website and this information might be shared with other organizations such as media publishers. Itaconix uses targeting cookies to provide you with targeted adverts more relevant to you and your interests. For more information on how to control cookies and limit personal data processing, see

Cookies list

Here is a full list of Cookies we use along with a description of what they are used for:

Cookie Name Duration Description Category
PHPSESSID Session This is a session cookie native to PHP and enables websites to store serialized state data. It is used to establish a user session and disappears when the client is closed. Strictly Necessary – Session
moove_gdpr_popup Until Itaconix Cookie Policy changes This cookie allows us to remember your cookie setting preferences on the Itaconix website in line with GDPR compliance. Strictly Necessary – Persistent
_ga 2 years This is a Google Analytics cookie. Google Analytics is a website monitoring tool that allows users to see volumes of website visitors, their source, and to analyze how the content of a website is viewed and navigated. This in turn allows optimization of website content, pages and marketing programs that drive traffic to the website. Google Analytics cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited.

You can universally opt out of all Google Analytics tracking used by all websites by visiting

Third Party – Performance
_gat 1 minute This Google cookie is used to throttle the request rate on a web page. Third Party – Performance
_gid 24 hours This Google cookie is used to collect Google Analytics data and to distinguish users. Third Party – Performance
_hjIncludedInSample 1 year This is a Hotjar cookie. This session cookie is set to let Hotjar know whether that visitor is included in the sample which is used to generate funnels. Third Party – Performance
CommuniGator GatorLeads cookies CommuniGator GatorLeads cookies track company IP’s, website history and additional contact info which is provided from a variety of data sources. GatorLeads is a tool that identifies the organization a website visitor belongs to, based on a reverse IP Lookup. The IP address from your visit is matched against public and proprietary IP address databases to provide us with information that may identify the organization to whom the IP address is registered but not individuals. In some limited cases i.e. single person companies, it may be possible to identify personal data from publicly available ICANN data. GatorLeads uses cookies to process this identification, which store information about your current web browsing session (pages viewed, time on site etc) and the dates and times of previous website visits. We use this information to profile website visitors, so we can better understand the way in which our website content is viewed by different segments and to identify the types of organizations that might be interested in our products and services. Third Party – Performance
wow.anonymousId 2 years This GatorLeads cookie provides an anonymous visitor ID for analytics. It does not store user data, it only stores active menu node over post-back. Third Party – Performance


Session These GatorLeads standard session cookies are served by the web server. Wow.schedule manages the Load Balance Session Queue and wow.session provides IIS Session Code. Third Party – Performance
wow.utmvalues Session This GatorLeads cookie stores the UTM values for the session. It does not store user data, it only stores active menu node over post-back. Third Party – Performance


6 months These are LinkedIn Ad analytics cookies used with LinkedIn advertising. They provide information about users based on their LinkedIn profile data. Third Party – Performance
lang Browser session to 6 months This cookie remembers your choice of language on LinkedIn. Third Party – Performance
IDE 1 year This is a Google advertising cookie used on non-Google sites and is stored in browsers under the domain Third Party – Targeting


These cookies expire between 3-20 months after your last visit. Google set multiple cookies on any page that includes a Google Map. While we have no control over the cookies set by Google, they appear to include a mixture of pieces of information to measure the number and behavior of Google Maps users. Cookies like NID and SID also help customize ads on Google properties, like Google Search. These cookies remember your most recent searches, your previous interactions with an advertiser’s ads or search results, and your visits to an advertiser’s website. This helps Google to show you customized ads.

We use Google AdWords Remarketing to advertise Itaconix across the Internet. Google AdWords Remarketing will display relevant ads tailored to you based on what parts of the Itaconix website you have viewed. If you do not wish to participate in our Google AdWords Remarketing, you can opt out by visiting Google’s Ads Preferences Manager:

 Third Party – Targeting


 3 months These are Facebook cookies that track your encrypted Facebook ID and Browser ID for advertisement purposes. When you log out of Facebook or deactivate your account, Facebook still receives cookies that uniquely identify you and your browser.  Third Party – Targeting
GatorMail email marketing post-click tracking cookies We use CommuniGator GatorMail cookies in our emails to track open rates and other performance indicators so we can continually improve the relevance and experience of our offerings to you. We also use post-click tracking cookies to report on the pages of our website that have been viewed by visitors to the site who have followed links from our email marketing campaigns. This analysis helps us to understand additional content that is viewed by the contacts in our database and therefore allows us to improve and tailor future campaigns to those contacts’ specific areas of interest. Third Party – Targeting
wow.trackingdata Session This cookie is used by GatorMail integration so GatorLeads knows which email contacts are visiting our website. Third Party – Targeting 2 years This cookie is used by GatorMail integration so GatorLeads knows which email contacts are visiting our website. Third Party – Targeting


1 year These are LinkedIn browser and Secure browser ID cookies. They’re used for Share button functionality and user tracking. Third Party – Targeting
lidc 1 day This cookie is used by LinkedIn for routing. Third Party – Targeting

Please note that, from time to time we embed external content from third party websites such as YouTube within our website. Such third parties might also use cookies and you can find out about their cookie policies on their websites. If you follow a link on to an external site beyond our control, we recommend you also always check the privacy policy of that site before using it.

If you don’t want to accept cookies

You can block or restrict cookies set by the website by clicking on the ‘Change Cookie Settings’ icon at the bottom left of the page. For any other websites, you can do this through your Internet browser settings. You will need to do this for each Internet browser type you use on each device you use to access the Internet.

Please be aware that some services might not function if your browser does not accept cookies. However, you can allow cookies from specific websites by making them “trusted websites” in your Internet browser. For more information on how to control cookies and limit personal data processing, see