Homecare & Industrial

Itaconix® DSP™

Non-phosphate water conditioning in detergents, agriculture, and industry

Itaconix® CHT™

Excellent low-cost water conditioning for autodish detergents

Itaconix® VELASOFT™

Natural skin conditioner for handwash.

Itaconix® ZINADOR™

Easier-to-use and lower cost odor neutralization with no residues.

Itaconix® XDP™

Superior mineral dispersion from a 100% bio-based polymer

Itaconix® TSI™

Better and bio-based scale inhibition in home care or industrial water treatment.

Itaconix® BIOBIND™

Low VOC binders for paints and coatings

Personal Care

RevCare™ NE 100S

Bio-based hair styling polymer for use in haircare and mascara.

RevCare™ MC

Bio-based malodour management. Contact the company for further information.

RevCap™ Technology

Formaldehyde free, flexible encapsulation technology for sensitive ingredients.