Corporate Governance

Itaconix aims to operate to high standards of moral and ethical behaviour. All members of the board fully support the value and importance of good corporate governance and in our accountability to all of the company’s stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers (including patients and healthcare professionals), distributors, suppliers, regulators and the wider community.

The corporate governance framework which the group has set out, including board leadership and effectiveness, remuneration and internal control, is based upon practices which the board believes are proportionate to the risks inherent to the size and complexity of group operations.

The board considers it appropriate to adopt the principles of the Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code (“the QCA Code”) published in April 2018. The extent of compliance with the ten principles that comprise the QCA Code, together with an explanation of any areas of non-compliance, and any steps taken or intended to move towards full compliance, are set out in the link below:

Please see Statement on Corporate Governance via this link

This information was last updated 2 June 2023.

The Company is incorporated in the UK and is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.